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Activities Programme

The Glasgow Members' Centre has a varied programme of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. Follow the links to details of the programme.

Evening and afternoon lectures. The evening lectures are usually on subjects related to Trust business. The afternoon lectures are normally on more general subjects often travel related.
Day Coach Visits
In the summer we arrange day coach visits to properties and other places of interest, often including properties not generally open to the public. The programme for the summer 2018 outings may be obtained by following the link.
Town Visits
In the summer we may arrange half day visits to locations within Glasgow.
Long Weekends
Each Year a long weekend trip is organised, including two or three nights away, to visit less accessible places of interest. This is arranged in September. For September 2018 a trip based on Chester will take place from 14th to 18th September.
Details may be obtained by following this link.